Thursday, November 26, 2009


My name is William Phillips A.K.A. "Illogik", and i'm an upcoming rapper/mc out of Atlantic City New Jersey. I'm currently working on my new cd called "The Rap Pandemic 2"..a follow up to my last project "The Rap Pandemic" which is my 4th actual independent release solo project, sold thousands and counting!:) I mainly write, but i am expanding my talents to co-producing, ghostwriting for singers, and possibly soon acting :) etc. I opened up for Mtv's making the band E Ness in the beginning of this year 2009, at The Trocadero in Philly, where i would perform for 4 more times. I've mainly gained my biggest fan base out in Philly, and here in New Jersey performing at some of both states greatest Venues. I've been featured on several radio stations in my area, including 96.1 The Touch, 88.9 Fm, Stockton Radio, and 97.1's Rick and Ron Radio show, all in which i've had radio spins! I've been published in The Current area, The A.c. Weekly, and even the press for my work. I've put in time, and so far i've gotten what i put in back to me:) If you'de like to know more about me visit ( Here there are links where you can also check me out on facebook, twitter, and reverbnation)

My e-mail is

...and don't forget to purchase new exclusive songs on my snocap( which is also on my myspace, and if you let me know that you purchased a song i will make sure of it that you get a free cd by me online!:) TTYl! Hope to talk to ya; soon ~Ill~